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John Trimble cultivates the connection between dancers to foster musicality, improvisation and self-expression. Known as an adept follower as well as a sensitive leader, he promotes a thorough understanding of the contributions of both dancers. John emphasizes technique, including balance, posture, and muscle tone in pursuit of the perfect tango. John has studied tango with many masters and has taught Argentine tango at the SMU Ballroom Dance Club, with the Parks and Recreation Departments of Grapevine and Southlake,TX, at Dallas Children’s Museum, Dallas Institute of Dance,and I Dance 2 and Pavadita Studios. John’s love of Argentine tango music predates his dancing. A lifelong musician and fan of Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazzolla, he first encountered Argentine tango as a living dance at a Pablo Ziegler concert in 1996 and followed the pianists advice to learn more about the music by taking up the dance. In addition to tango, John has also studied and performed ballet, jazz, hip-hop and other social and folk dances and draws on this wealth in his instruction and performance.

Lydia Essary grew up listening to her father’s tango record collection and shares her father’s intense appreciation for Miguel Calo. She studied music and dance from an early age. Prior to pursuing her present career in medicine, she trained as a classical pianist with Teresa Quezada and Amalia Vasquez at the prestigious National Conservatory of Music in Lima, Peru. She has a special admiration for the music of Astor Piazzolla. Lydia’s dance style is musical and technically elegant with a South American flavor. She follows the New Tango school of Fabian Salas and favors the lighthearted spirit of Diego and Carolina along with the importance of technique promoted by Graciela Gonzalez. “There is no real beauty without balance,” says Lydia. “A good follower maintains her axis and respects her partner’s boundaries, and vice versa.” Lydia has studied with many masters in the US and South America. She balances her passion for tango and cultivation of the arts with a busy professional life. She has taught with John at SMU Ballroom Dance Club and in Southlake and Grapevine and performed with him regularly.

John and Lydia also study and perform tango music in their own ensemble Grupo Boedo.